I’m just tryin’ something here- Baking Lemon Meringue Pies in Little Jars.

I’m not the most patient person.
I love baking.
I don’t bake very often.
That’s going to change.

Baking requires some patience. Correct measurements, a certain order in which to add ingredients. exact baking times…

I haven’t tried anything besides cookies in years. And even in those years, I can count on one-maybe two?- hands how many times I have made cookies. My first effort in this new era was to be the lemon meringue pie. In a jar. Trendy, blech, but cute and personal sizes and, hey, whatever gets you in the kitchen, right?

I love commas. Please don’t judge me.

Or judge. 🙂 Just keep reading.

My journey to my new self had to begin with a de cluttering of my stuff. The car, my room, my office. All the excess had to go. And then it was the online de cluttering which ended with my Pinterest boards. Pinterest is magical. I love it. All the ideas, the beautiful things, the wonderful recipes. Once i reorganized my boards I realized I had all these jar desserts on my dessert board. Lemon meringue pie in a jar was the first to meet it’s fate.
The link to the wonderful recipe I used.
Lemon Meringue Pie in a Jar

I was so surprised how easy it was to make. I didn’t get, at first, the proportions to the jars. There wasn’t enough. Then there was the, “ohhhhhh” moment.

Noted #1: you got the wrong jars.
Note to self: buy smaller jars.

That’s ok. I can still make this work. Sure, there is too much lemon curd for the amount of crust but the meringue will save it.

Noted #2: You need to have more patience to make meringue.
Note to self: the guy at the farmers market told you today to use room temperature eggs and do it by hand.
And to be patient with it. Sigh. That word again.

I put the meringue on top of my lemon curd and then I baked it. And baked it. And then baked it too long, perhaps.

But it was still pretty good for a first try and I have my notes for next time to make it better. I will try again for Easter, I think.

Baking breaking in. Check.




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