I’m just tryin’ something here.

My boyfriend can cook. He can bake. He can fix things. He can build things. He can invent things. He’s creative and inquisitive and impulsive.


I dance. Irish dance. But that’s about it.
I love it but I don’t want that to be it. I don’t want to be one note.

My mumsies died last year and I went into quite the funk. It was bad. Nothing worth sharing besides that was bad and I couldn’t pull myself out. And I suppose it could have continued on with that except I started hearing my mum’s voice in my head over the Christmas season. She’d always said that I needed a good kick in the butt to make a change. Among the many, many, many other things she said, I kept hearing her say, “consider this your kick in the arse.” So I gave myself the rest of the year(3 weeks) to sulk and pity myself. I cried a lake

at midnight on New Years and then put that sad, negative me into the past, letting it go along with 2013.

So this year is about coming into my own. Trying new things and not being so hard on myself if they don’t work out. Not being so scared. And believing in myself. That I am good enough as I am regardless of how it all turns out.

This little corner of the Internet is going to document my little adventures, my coming into my own, my thoughts, and maybe some dreams coming alive. We’ll see.

I am hopeful.



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