I’m just tryin something here- Baking key lime pies in a jar and lemon blueberry bars

A coworker of mine was having people over this past Tuesday night for apps and B movies. He is super nice and has done lots of nice things for me over the last year and I wanted to do something nice for him. He is the biggest lover of key lime pies but has yet to find a good one in this city.

Challenge accepted.

And, because I am on a lemon blueberry kick, and because I wanted a backup in case I butchered the pies, I decided to make lemon blueberry bars.

My man was nice enough to have bought the key lime juice when I first mentioned my interest in doing this for Dave. I grabbed that, and the rest of my ingredients (plus the cute and tiny mason jars I should have bought when I set out to bake the lemon meringues!), and headed home to get to work.

Side note: I need to put a television in my kitchen. The time I took to move the television, and then the cable box, and the television and cable box two more times was stupid. March madness and the How I Met Your Mother Finale were worth the fuss of moving it all though.

That done, I set out to make two desserts.

Lemon Blueberry bar recipe:

Key lime pies in mason jars recipe:

The crusts are slightly different so I made them one after the other and then did the same with the fillings. Both were surprisingly easy to make. The whipped cream for the pies took the longest and even that wasn’t bad. I barely sweetened the cream and I also added lime zest.

It started smelling so good in the kitchen and I was getting excited by the fact that it looked like I was not only going to pull off one dish but two.

Both were very well received. The key lime pie was the hit of the night. I am still getting compliments on it. And everyone loved the personal portions and the presentation. The jars are where it’s at!

I would like to do the lemon bars again but with the lemon curd instead of the condensed milk. The lemon curd reminds me of the lemon bars my mum used to make so it would be more me recreating warm and fuzzy memories than my personal feelings on the recipe I used. The recipe is good.

The response I received really boosted my confidence and encouraged me to look for more interesting recipes to try.

Baking, with or without a television or music or company, is very good for the soul. It’s calming and mood lifting. This feeling I get from a good baking session is exactly what I need in my life right now. I just need willing taste testers.

Side note: if anyone wants to enjoy a bad but fun B movie, check out Blast Vegas. Anyone who lives and/or has visited Las Vegas will get a bigger kick out of it.






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