I’m just tryin’ something here-Cooking breakfast in a breadbowl.

My boyfriend sent me this text one night a few weeks back:

“Will you make me dinner?”

My heart started beating fast, beads of sweat broke out on my forehead. I could feel my anxiety take off like a jet plane.

“Sure. Any requests?” I responded.

“Anything. Your house specialty.”

And this is when I really started panicking. I have mentioned that he can cook. He can follow a recipe but he normally does his own thing. He experiments a lot. Even his bad meals are tasty. I have yet to eat something he has made that I just haven’t liked.

My house specialty would probably be shake and bake chicken strips and some roasted vegetables. Or any kind of scrambled eggs and toast. Don’t ask me to season anything and don’t ask for anything exotic. I have zero confidence when it comes to cooking, let alone for someone else, let alone for someone that I’m really into.

The thing is, he would eat anything I made no matter if it wasn’t great. I put too much unnecessary stress on myself to be good in front of someone I really respect and enjoy. It’s definitely something I need to work on.

The mass texting to my best girls for recipes began the next day and so did the Pinterest stalking. 3 weeks later I found a recipe for breakfast in a breadbowl. This combines all my favorite things. French bread and breakfast foods.

Breakfast in a Breadbowl Recipe:

I bought French bread rolls, spinach, cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and eggs. I carved out the breadbowl a and buttered them and then inserted the filling items. I then put the egg on top. Two of the eggs overflowed and two I managed to fit it all in. Then you bake it. I recommend checking halfway through as it cooked down and you could put some more of the cheese and spinach and tomato inside to be more filling. Also, the egg looks like it still has a ways to go but is fully done at 25 mjnutes so, if you like runny eggs like me, take it out sooner.

The same time I was making my breakfast, my man was conducting an experiment with the rest if the rolls. He did a curry French toast roll filled with scrambled eggs and my other fillings plus chicken. He also did a normal French toast roll with the same insides as the curry one.

Towards the end of the cooking time for all, I sautéed two bananas with a little cinnamon. They still stuck to the pan, even with the butter, and I got frustrated. And a little pissed off. Can’t one dish go off without a hitch? It’s all the simple ones I totally blow. I ended up taking a deep breath and did my best to let it go.

Breakfast is served! And it was enjoyed my myself, my boyfriend, and his dad. In fact, his dad said it was restaurant quality. All of us loved the dish. And the other experiments were really good as well. It was a yummy meal with lovely conversation.

I think breakfast was a good way to start. More in my comfort zone and not as much pressure (in my mind). Compliments or not, doing three kitchen projects this week was good for me.

I over think things. I stress about stupid things. I put pressure on myself when I shouldn’t.

I found that when I was in the kitchen I was able to relax a little. I didn’t think about anything but the task at hand. A great relief.

It also meant a lot to my guy. He couldn’t stop gushing about my meal and my sweet treats and I think it really meant a lot to him that I made him a meal. And that in itself is very satisfying.


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